Therapy-in-a-Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers mental health therapy tools directly to your home. This service makes therapy more accessible, affordable, and personalized for people with depression and anxiety. Each month, subscribers will receive evidence-based resources curated by a licensed psychotherapist. 

Questions &Answers

How soon after placing my order will I receive my box?

Will my insurance cover the subscription service?

how much is this service?

Two weeks.


Unfortunately, no. The subscription does not include talk therapy, so it's not covered by insurance.


A monthly subscription will cost $85.

What is included in the box?

It depends on your wellness assessment results. Before placing your order, you must complete a 50-item questionnaire. Your responses will determine the content. For example, if your results show traces of high anxiety, you will receive therapy tools to address excessive worry. If your assessment shows depressive symptoms, you may receive tools to address feelings of hopelessness. All resources will be curated by a licensed psychotherapist, so the tools will be backed by research. Also, the box will never include spa products like lotions, aromatherapy, jewelry, candles and bath salts. Our focus is mental health, not beauty brands.

How can i ensure that the items within the box are used correctly?

Is the box appropriate for children, couples, and families?

Each item in your therapy box will include instructions. Also, if further assistance is needed, you will receive email access to a licensed psychotherapist to ask questions about the product. 

Absolutely! Before you place your order, you will complete a 50-item wellness assessment. During the assessment you can include the name, age and profile of the intended recipient(s).

Where are your products from?




When my package arrives will it be obvious to onlookers, the mailmen, or to my neighbors that I'm using a mental health service?

Well, the short answer is: not from Amazon. All products are curated by psychotherapists from different countries and cultures. Therapy-in-a-Box identifies the world's most effective therapy tools and delivers them to your door. 











No, your items will not arrive in a branded box that screams "help me." We will honor your privacy. Your items will be wrapped in a discreet, eco-friendly box.  

How to get started



Choose your subscription plan

You may choose the length of your subscription treatment: 3 months, 6 months, or ongoing. Typically the length of treatment depends on the severity of your symptoms or need for additional resources.


Complete a wellness assessment

A wellness assessment is a 50-item that uses criteria within the DSM V (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) to help you identify symptoms and areas of emotional strain in your life.


Receive your personalized


Based on the results of your wellness assessment, you will receive two to five evidence-based tools that address your anxiety or depression.

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