"I love therapy because I believe it is the perfect problem-solving option for people searching for a confidential and effective support system outside of family and friends. My approach to therapy is highly structured, evidence-based, and comprehensive."

I am a licensed psychotherapist based in Charlottesville, Virginia.I provide short term and long term talk therapy for anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief. I earned my bachelor’s degree from The University of Virginia, my master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia University, and my training certificates from Harvard Medical School in meditation and mindfulness and New York State Psychiatric Institute. I am a certified clinical trauma specialist and clinical social worker. Since 2010, I've worked in a variety of clinical settings including family centers, methadone clinics, drug rehabilitation centers, and universities. In 2022, I joined the CIC Board of Directors. I currently supervise graduate students from different universities including Fordham University, Arizona State University, Ohio State University, and Tulane University as part of a field practicum program. I'm also a sex- positive Pineapple Support therapist.

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If you're looking for a low-cost mental health option, working with a graduate student is a great choice.

I recently launched a program titled "Soulful Wellness"-- which provides supervision and training to aspiring therapists!


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My approach

Short term and long term talk therapy for anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief.


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My goal is to provide a comprehensive framework to help you facilitate significant life changes. Your first appointment will serve as a biopsychosocial intake appointment. During this intake, I will ask you to answer a series of questions to obtain detailed information about your current emotional state and history. By the end of your first appointment, I will provide an initial recommendation regarding the type of talk therapy treatment that is best suited for you.


My therapeutic orientation incorporates principles from ancient traditions, clinical research, and experiential knowledge to help you identify problematic sources of emotional strain and barriers to love, success and happiness. During your second session, we will create a treatment plan to structure all sessions thereafter.




New patients welcome

Mon - Fri: 11am - 5pm

I do not accept insurance.

I provide in-person, virtual, and walk-and-talk therapy sessions

Office address:

1 Boar's Head Lane, Suite B-3

Charlottesville, Va 22903

I believe in self-care and self-reflection:

November 23- November 29 (office closed)

December 19 - January 3 (office closed)

Tel: (434) 202-4155
Fax: (804) 207-9059

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