I help people cope with anxiety and depression.

Shea Graham, LCSW


About Me

"I love therapy because I believe it is the perfect problem-solving option for people searching for a confidential and effective support system outside of family and friends. My approach to therapy is highly structured, evidence-based, and comprehensive."

I am a licensed psychotherapist who helps people cope with anxiety and depression. I earned my bachelor’s degree from The University of Virginia, my master’s degree from Columbia University and post-graduate certificates from Harvard Medical School and New York State Psychiatric Institute. I am a certified clinical trauma specialist and clinical social worker. I have ten years of counseling experience in diverse clinical settings including family centers, methadone clinics, drug rehabilitation centers, and universities.   

In 2010, I started my career as a middle school counselor within the Ivy Preparatory School League.  As a counselor, I helped individuals and families to acclimate to new, affluent environments and to manage rigorous academic workloads. 

In 2011, I became the youngest program director in New York City to launch a clinical initiative for adults and children at Citicare, Inc., in Harlem.  

After graduating in 2013, I worked at several drug and alcohol addiction clinics including ACI Chemical Dependency Treatment Center and Methadone Clinic of Westchester. 

I continued to build my private practice part-time in New York City until April 2018, when I moved to Virginia to be with my husband. 


Services & Community Programs


Therapy through a live video HIPAA compliant connection-- so your information will be securely kept.

The Grace Program

A mental health initiative that provides affordable private and group mental health services.

Charlottesville Pride Community Network

LGBTQ+ youth of all ages and families need community! That’s why Cville Pride hosts events throughout the year aimed at providing youth and families chances to be themselves, make connections, and find support.

Book a video appointment with a psychiatrist on Zocdoc.com

Video visits can address immediate medical issues or routine healthcare needs. Doctors are ready to treat a variety of issues or help you with prescriptions or referrals.


Office Hours

New Patients Welcome

Mon - Fri: 7am - 3pm

Weekends: On-Call

I am in-network with Aetna, Cigna, and Anthem. 

I believe in self-care and self-reflection. 

November 23- November 29 (office closed)

December 19 - January 3 (office closed)


Upcoming Talks

How to Cope Like a Therapist: Part 2
Mon, Aug 17
Aug 17, 12:00 PM
Race. COVID-19. Self-care.
"Women's Role in Combating Systemic Racism And Discrimination" hosted by Set Them Free
Mon, Aug 03
YouTube Live
Aug 03, 1:00 PM EDT
YouTube Live
Instagram Live with @Soul_House_Love
Sun, Jul 26
Jul 26, 7:30 PM EDT
Please join us for a chat this Sunday, July 26th, at 7:30 pm EST. https://www.instagram.com/p/CC59PCNFwAp/

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